Best Baby Headphones 2017

There are several possible reasons why you are surfing for baby headphones. For one it might be that you are simply looking for the best baby headphones product to protect your kids from the troubling and unsettling noises that they get exposed to day in day out.

Since more than a third of all hearing loss is attributed to noise and is completely preventable, you’re simply following the credible advice that ear protection is essential and recommended for kids and that is very good.

Aside from protecting kids from invading noises which a number of noise cancelling headphones for babies, some of which are featured in this review, do perfectly well.

Headphones are also means of ensuring that your kids have access to portable entertainment because just like everyone else children too are interested in entertainment and the reality of the world today is that what your child wants to listen to will most likely not interest you.

The baby ear plugs that actually play audio to kids come handy in this situation and the good thing is that most of them also block out external noise.

There are several things to consider when choosing headphones for children, some of them include:

  • Volume control: Without this special function which is peculiar to the kid headphones section, there is no point seeking to buy a specialized children headphone for your kid, you might as well pass one of your old earbuds to him or her. Children like loud music because somehow it is more exciting but that can be damaging, hence a headphone that allows you to check the volume is a very good one. What this means is that no matter the volume your kid turns the music to be, it will still be within the safe volume range.
  • Comfort: Kids are generally impatient and the idea of a foreign thing disturbing their ears will not go down well with them. If you don’t want your children to destroy their headphones all in a bid to adjust and make them more comfortable or straightly yank them off for being annoyingly disturbing, you should pay attention to the promise of comfort that each infant headphone presents. Here’s a detailed review of the most comfortable headphones of 2017
  • Noise Reduction: One important use of headphones is to help the kid stay safe by shutting out external noises that can be very disturbing. Be on the lookout for the headphones that advertise the noise cancellation features. In the absence of that, look at the ear cups of the headphones, if they fit snugly enough, you are guaranteed reasonable noise isolation.
  • Perfect fit: How can you know a headphone will fit your kid perfectly? The answer is quite simple, since children generally have smaller heads; any headphone that come with the possibility for adjustment in order to meet specific head size is good.
  • Kid-Friendly Design: Headphones for kids must be designed with kids in mind. Part of a kid-friendly design includes bright and catchy colors. Materials used for in the design must not be toxic since kids are likely to want to put things in their mouth. This particularly applies to wired headphones for kids. You might want to check out wireless baby headphones which work with Bluetooth. Here are the 5 best bluetooth earbuds that are affordable,fitsnugly and deliver quality sound


Baby Banz Infant Hearing Protection Earmuff, 3-24 months

Baby Banz is a popular brand renowned for producing high quality kid accessories, the Baby Banz infant hearing protection earmuff upholds that long standing tradition. The baby banz headphones have become one of the most popular baby noise cancelling headphones for newborns and babies up to two years.

What the BabyBanz Infant Headphone is About

  • The noise cancellation technology in these baby banz earmuffs is commendable (SNR 26dB NRR 31dB). So you can be sure that your baby is safe.
  • Talk about practical protection that you can trust, that is exactly what Baby banz headphones for babies present. Once you have these headphones on your baby’s ears, you have no cause to worry at all as they will be duly protected from noise of all kinds.
  • The earmuffs are indeed made to last as they have been proven to be capable of withstand all kinds of rough plays and adventures.
  • They are very easy to use and carry around because they are lightweight and can be folded up.
  • Another plus is that these earmuffs are made of plastic, so you can wash them over and over again whenever you feel the need to.

Be it on the playground, concert, theme park, movie theater, band practice, fireworks display, car races, rodeo, engaging in outdoor projects or household chores, or even taking an airplane on vacation, the baby banz hearing protectors do a good job of providing the protection they need.

Baby banz has also injected a lot of creativity and innovation into the making of these best baby headphones. They are well padded and cushioned with foam do not fit very snug when they are worn but rests gently around the ear.

This is to keep your babies from constantly reaching to yank them off and make them feel at ease wearing them for long hours.

The 1 year guarantee against breakage actually lifts the entire burden from you as baby banz is ready to replace your headphones should they break within a year of purchase. The Baby banz infant hearing protection earmuff provides a perfect protection against noise and you even get to choose from pink, blue, green and purple.


LilGadgets Untangled Pro Children's Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Kids are not the most patient or careful people, so apart from being one of the most highly rated noise cancelling headphones for kids out there, the lack of cables which strikes out tangling problems is one of the most appealing and critical selling point of LilGadgets Untangled children’s wireless Bluetooth headphones.

What the LilGadgets Untangled Pro is About

  • The battery has an amazing 12-hour span when fully charged and can be easily recharged with the USB cable that comes with the package.
  • A 3mm cable is also included so that you can still make use of the headphone the old fashioned way in case you run out charge abruptly.
  • Lilgadgets has gone extra mile to make sure that your baby can achieve a perfect fit with these tangle-free infant headphones and also be at ease with them by employing certain engineering procedures in the making of the ear pads. The specially designed SoftTouch breathable mesh material covers the headbands and the ear pads all to make sure your child is comfortable.
  • LilGadgets Untangled children’s wireless Bluetooth headphone is equally great in the sound clarity and volume control department as it offers up to 13db passive noise reduction and the highest achievable volume is pegged at 93db. This is a very cool way of keeping your children safe.

This first class baby headphone is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices out there and pairs up without an itch.

Your kids can run around the house and still remain connected to their music without having to carry the computer or whatever the source is around, the transmission is of high quality and the freedom is everything especially to the children.

A lot of testing with kids of all age-groups has gone ahead before these products were placed on the market and what you now have is an accumulated step by step improvement in the designs and production necessitated by different testing results.

If your child is 4 years and above, these headphones will come in handy for you and the good thing is that Lilgadget has worked hard on it to make sure that it last you a long while.

The control buttons are within easy reach on the left ear bud and the built-in 360 degree microphone offers great quality sound when calling or used with the computer or cell phone. These headphones that go for a little below $50 dollars are available in six different colors which are appealing to kids and adults alike.

Snug Safe n Sound Kids Earmuffs

If your kid has sensory issues, hypersensitive hearing or has autism, the snug safe n sound kids earmuffs are the best kind of hearing protector or ear defenders for you.

These baby noise cancelling headphones provide the much needed cushioning effect and help to create an atmosphere of peace and quiet that soothes your kids, makes them feel at ease and makes all the difference on whether your kid will be a whining, restless kid or an active kid simply enjoying every moment.

What the LilGadgets Untangled Pro is About

  • The snug safe n sound baby ear defenders are perfect for blocking noise caused by large crowds, sporting events, airports, household tools, garden or any other rowdy situation. It has been found to be just right for blocking out crowds and other triggers for kids on the autism spectrum.
  • Apart from being really lightweight, a design mechanism that has been successful so far and kids won’t even remember they have something over the head, the ear cushions have plush paddings and sit gently against the ears.
  • You also don’t have to worry about your kids outgrowing their infant headphones because the safe snug n sound earmuffs boast of a fully adjustable design that can be easily worked with to achieve a perfect fit. The clams design incorporated into the design offers a secure and stylish look.

Kids don’t like the feeling of discomfort and will pretty much yank anything that feels disturbing away from their heads.

So, as much as the snug safe n sound headphones for babies’ major goal is to make sure that your kid is not overcome by the unruly noises out there, they have also made it their business to make sure that these hearing protector for babies are indeed very comfortable.

The ease of use that these infant noise cancelling headphones present is commendable. They can be folded up in no time and stored away which is great for portability especially if you have some serious packing to do.

The Snug Safe n Sound earmuffs are made with the lifestyle of kids in mind, so quality materials have been employed for maximum durability. Just so you can rest easy, these best baby headphones come with a five year warranty.

LilGadgets Connect+ Volume Limited Wired Headphones

The strongest selling point of this wired headphone by Lilgadgets for children is the limited volume.

Listening to music at very high volumes have been attributed to be one of the leading causes of hearing loss so to have baby ear sound protection that checkmate how much volume can be transmitted to the ears is a great development especially with kids who do not know the consequences.

The maximum sound volume that can be transmitted through these headphones is put at 93db which is clear and also safe enough.

What the LilGadgets Connect+ is About

  • With LilGadgets Connect+ Volume Limited headphone for kids, you have no need for a splitter as the headphone comes with shareport. This SharePort feature sets connect+ apart from other wired children headphones in the market.
  • The audio cables that come with the connect+ sound protection headphones are covered in a special nylon braided fabric, this is a great innovation that serves to decrease tangles and also increase the lifespan of the headphones.
  • Even though the Connect+ volume limited headphone for children belongs in the wired noise cancelling headphones baby range, the long detachable audio cable, up to 3.5mm makes adequate provision for freedom and your kids will not have to be glued to their device.

​Both earbuds have a 3.5mm port of which your child can use one port to plug into their device and the other can be used to share their sound or music.

If you or another kid wants to listen to the same music your kid is listening to, all you have do is simply connect your headphones into the port on the other side to immediately start listening in.

This can come in handy if you’re trying to monitor the volume as well as the overall listening habit of your kid. A single earpiece connects to the device and the other earpiece can connect to additional headphones.

Lilgadget is always particular about comfort, you can be sure your children will have no difficulty putting these on for hours. The padding takes away the snug feeling that can be a bother. Also, these volume limited headphones for kids are very light such that your kids will not feel anything at all. They can also be folded up for quick storage and you will get a microfiber carrying pouch that can be used for this purpose with your package.

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones for kids

Kidz gear wired headphone for kids stand out of from other best baby headphones in that it is the first adult-featured stereo headphones made specifically for kids.

The same high quality components that are employed in the making of adult headphones have also been employed in making these wired headphones. What this means is that you can expect the same high quality and rich sound delivery, that cuts across various audio contents that your kid listen to from game playersto DVDs, MP3s , radio and others.​

What the KidzGear Headphones is About

  • As far as volume control is concerned, the Kidz gear wired headphones do not disappoint as they come with the KidzControl volume limit cable which allows you to be able to control the volume of sound your child is exposed to. This allows music to sound 20dB lower than the actual volume.
  • The kidz gear wired best baby headphones are custom designed to fit children from two years and above. The headband has a wide degree of adjustment that can conveniently suit any kid from a toddler to an adolescent.
  • The two ear cups are also well padded in such a way that soothes the ears and also offer meaningful noise isolation by blocking out external sounds.
  • The device is compatible with several devices; ipads, ipods, iphones, smartphones, android devices, computers and many more. They are also suited for a wide number of situations and activities. They can serve as baby headphones for concerts, for the playground, for household use and general outdoor use.

The cord in this headphone is up to 5 feet long, that is enough for some manipulation. Kidz gear wired headphones for children have a very strong appeal to children and adults alike. From the simple, yet beautiful and fun design to the five brilliant color variations; pink, blue, orange, purple and green that you are able to choose from, and the fact that are indeed lightweight and come with a lifetime limited warranty, buying the kidz gear wired headphone should be a no brainer.


From the first to the fifth headphone in this review, there is no single one of these children's headphones that will not serve you right and for a long time too.

It also helps that they are affordable and the producers pay proper attention to customer satisfaction. Your kids deserve to have their sanity intact even in the midst of the chaotic atmosphere that is all around, these headphones for babies are the way to go.

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