Best Cheap Earbuds to Have In 2017

A lot of people are always looking for earbuds that offer them great quality at a price that is not expensive.

There are manufactures that have answered this need of the people by producing what could be considered as the best cheap earbuds which offer qualities like great sound, good design and of course great prices.

A lot of people usually have to change the earbuds that come with their phones because it usually gets damaged due to various reasons which leads to them searching for better alternatives.

Other people may be satisfied with their earbuds that come with their phones but are interested in having another one just in case their expensive earbud gets damaged or worn out hence they search for the best affordable earbuds available.

So if you are looking for earbuds to serve as an alternative to what you have, an extra earbud to have incase the one you have gets lost or your looking for an headphone for working out and exercise activities but do not want to spend too much money then you can check out our list on best inexpensive in ear headphones to have that cost below $50 but still provide you a lot of qualities and benefits.

Best Cheap Earbuds Comparision Chart

Shaka Tech, Earphones,Best in Ear Cheap Headphones Under 20 Dollars$$4.4
Wood Earbuds with Microphone and Remote - Corded Headset$3.4
1 More Piston Pod Earbud Headphones with MIC MP3 Controller + Tangle-free Fibre Cable (Black)$$4.5
KINDEN Deep Bass Noise-Isolating In-Ear Monitors Earbuds With Microphone (EP013 Red)$$4.6

Top 5 Best Cheap Earbuds Reviewed


The Mono price 108320 offers a lot of benefits and great qualities at a cheap price.

The earbud has a stylish design that will definitely appeal to a lot of people with various degrees of taste and style.

​Features of Monoprice 108320 Earbud

best cheap earbuds
  • Available in 4 different colors to suit people’s styles and tastes affording them the opportunity to pair with their favorite devices.
  • Comes with one year limited warranty period which a pair of soft earpads.
  • Has a 3.5mm with an easy fit design which makes it very comfortable
  • Has a huge drive unit which enables it produce great quality sound
  • Has a long cord, about 48mm in length which offers full range of motion

Qualities and Benefits of The Monoprice 108320 Earbud


The earbud comes with a noise isolating design that helps produce and create a clean, clear and solid sound making it possible for the user to have a great experience. This means you can easily listen to and enjoy your favorite songs and tunes from your various portable devices.


With the 14.22mm driver unit, the earbud offers a great measure of comfort and convenience. The earbuds fit comfortably in the ear making it easier for you to enjoy your favorite tunes which is not easily done with others.

When you order and buy, it comes in a package which has three pair of silicone earbuds that come in different sizes which helps to provide better and more comfortable fitted earbuds.


With a lot of effort and time taken to produce it, the production has earbuds that can withstand a lot of rigor during usage which shows how durable it is.

There have been complaints about the Monoprice 108320 earbud ranging from when walking or moving, you hear the headphones shifting which can be quite frustrating, also there are complaints that earbuds fall out of the ear, get broken as well as the wires getting easily tangled and twisted.

Satisfied buyers have pointed to the earbud having great sound quality, being able to drown out interfering sound when listening to your favorite tune. Also they are very durable as most people confirm how strong and durable they are.

These qualities with its cheap price make it one of the best budget earbuds around.


Considering the various benefits and qualities the Monoprice 108320 earbud offers at a cheap price, I will recommend it for anyone who needs an earbud. If you have one already, this could serve as a great alternative as this is one of the best affordable earbuds available.


They have a nice stylish design and are great for your devices such as the mp3 player, Ipod, small dvds, laptops, audio devices, radios and other devices.

Features of Jlab Earbuds

The Jlab ear bud is one of the best cheap headphones available when you consider its very low price and the quality it brings.

JLab JBuds Hi-Fi Noise-Reducing Ear Buds (Black) 2
  • It works with all mp3 players, laptops, small dvds, Ipods, cds and lots more
  • Comes with a gold plated 3.5mm audio jack for premium quality
  • Has a stylish design and is compact in size
  • Has the ability to reduce noise interference
  • It comes with one year full warranty
  • Comes in different colors which include black, white and pink to suit each person’s taste and style
  • Has a 4.5ft wire as well as a standard Y formation to the earbud
  • To make sure the user gets an earbud that fits very well, the package includes 3 pair of silicon earbud tips that are available in small, medium and large sizes.

Qualities and Benefits Of Jlab Earbuds


The Jlab Jbuds HI-FI earbuds provide clear, crisp sound and powerful bass quality making it a user’s delight. The Jlab ear bud also helps in reducing noise interference which further boosts the sound quality make users enjoy their favorite songs and music without disturbance.


One of the reasons the Jlab Jbuds HI-FI earbud is considered as one of the best cheap earbuds to have is because of the measure of convenience it provides as well as how comfortable it is when being used.

It comprises of soft silicon earbuds that fit very well in the ear of the person using it, allowing the person to comfortably and easily enjoy the music he or she is listening to as well preventing outside noise interfering and disturbing the nice experience.

The 4.5 foot extra cord allows you to move around freely as you enjoy you music on the go or comfortably seated wherever you are.

There have been few complaints concerning the Jlab earbuds when it comes to its durability as people have complained of it lasting for a few months also there have been complains that it does completely reduce noise interference.

Also there have been issues with the wire or cord getting tangled which has not been common to all users.

On a positive note, a lot of users have been left excited about how comfortable the Jlab earbuds is in the ear as it causes no discomfort to them. Another great aspect of the Jlab earbuds which people admire is the clear, crisp, solid and quality sound which comes out of it making listening to music a pleasant experience for those who use it.


Considering the benefits that the Jlab ear buds offers as well as its qualities, this seems like a good product that can be useful to a lot of people. I will recommend for those looking for cheap ear bud and still want enjoy a measure of good quality.


The Symphonized NGR is one the best cheap ear buds around which makes it a great product to be considered by people looking for cheap ear buds to buy that offer great quality.

Features of The Symphonized Ngr Earbud

  • Comes in a wood housing that enhances its acoustic performance and produces better bass response
  • Has a built in microphone
  • It is really comfortable as it has soft silicone ear buds and helps reduce outside noise
  • It can be used with a lot of devices including mp3 players, Ipods, Ipads, Iphones, android devices, cd players and lots more
  • Has a gold plated 3.5mm audio jack which assures a you do not lose sound connection to your devices
  • Comes in different colors which include black, white and pink to suit each person’s taste and style
  • Has a 4.5ft wire as well as a standard Y formation to the earbud
  • To make sure the user gets an earbud that fits very well, the package includes 3 pair of silicon earbud tips that are available in small, medium and large sizes.

Quality and Benefits of Symphonized Earbud


With its unique wood design and sleek properties, the ear bud provides crisp high energy sound production that gives you a great feeling as you listen to your favorite tunes. It gives you that feeling and impression that you are right there at a concert listening to your favorite artist.


The natural wood properties apart from helping you get that great unique sound and listening pleasure also provides a measure of comfort to your ears that will make you reconsider using plastic ear buds again.


There have been few complaints from people who have bought and used the ear bud including it not been durable enough as it only lasted between 2-4 months for some people.

Also some people have complained about it not properly fitting in their ear though this has not been noticed over a wide range of the product.

Despite the few complaints there has been a lot of positive reviews about the Symphonized ear bud. First of all people appreciate the great sound quality. The sound is crisp and clear and also the ear buds provides noise cancelling attributes which makes listening to music much easier and better. Also the wires do not easily get tangled as they are made with cloth material that does not allow this to easily occur.


Seems like a great product to have as it comes with a great price and a lot of qualities. I will recommend it for people to try it out.


The Panasonic ear bud is one of the best cheap ear buds that offer a lot of great qualities and benefits. The ear buds affords listeners a lot of comfort due its nice design.

Features of the Panasonic Ear Buds

Panasonic RPHJE120K In-Ear Headphone, Black
  • Has an Ergo-fit design that enables it fit very well and also makes it comfortable for the user
  • Comes with a plug that is 3.5mm long in length
  • Has a 9mm diameter drive unit
  • Has at least one pair of soft ear pads included in the package
  • Has a one year limited warranty that covers parts and labour

Qualities and Benefit of the Panosonic Earbud


With at least one pair of soft earpads or sometimes three that come in small, medium and large sizes, users get a chance to have a custom made comfortable fit for their ears. Also comes with a 3.6 ft cord that fits comfortably through clothes and fits well in bags making it easy for the user to move freely and comfortably.


Apart from a design, the earbuds come in nine different colors with color matching cords which offer users of the product options of getting a color that suits their style and taste.


It has a large 9mm neodymium driver that helps produce clear crisp sound and the same time help prevent outside noise.

It comes with a warning that it could cause choking due its small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years old.


The Panasonic earbud has had a few complaints about its durability with few people mentioning it does not last more than a few months. Also after using it for a while it could get cracked or broken with one ear not working after a while.

On a positive note it seems great for people who work out regularly, also a lot of people have praised the great sound quality as the earbuds also drowns out noise from the outside.


I will recommend this for people who are looking for one of the best cheap earbuds to buy as apart from its great price it offers great qualities and benefits.

Shaka Tech, Earphones,Best in Ear Cheap Headphones Under 20 Dollars

Shaka tech earbuds offer users great quality with various features they yearn for at an affordable price making it one of the best earbuds for the money available.


Features of the Shaka Tech Earbuds

  • The earbud is hands free, light weight and comfortable with soft gel tips
  • Considered as one of the most comfortable earbuds to use when exercising, running or having a work out
  • Has a premium 3.5mm stereo headset with a volume key
  • Has a tangle free cord that allows you to use it properly and make moving around with it very comfortable and easy.

Qualities and Benefits of the Shaka Tech Earbuds


The earbud comes comes with an ear canal design that allows the earbud to be easily placed in the ear making it one of the most comfortable earbuds at an affordable price. Also with a click of a button you can easily increase or decrease the volume of the sound with the volume controls on the cord.


The earbuds are made with the best quality products which makes it to be very durable to withstand any rigorous activities. The tangle free cord allows it to remain in good condition making users feel comfortable when using it.

Customers had complained of the quality of the earbuds which the manufacturer noted and corrected and took care off. There had been complaints from customers of low quality such as the control volume buttons not working, one side working better than the other and getting broken after a few months. Also there are issues with sound quality and the packaging.

With the manufacturer taking note of the complaints made and taking out time to correct the problems, there has been some positive feedback about the product.

A lot of people have praised various aspects and functions of the Shaka tech earbuds including how comfortably the earbuds feel and how well they fit in the ear. The sound quality is crisp clear and solid and also the tangle free cord enables it to be used comfortably which is good for people who do a lot of exercising and work out.


If you are looking for an Headphone at an affordable price I will recommend the Shaka tech earbud as it comes with a lot of benefits.


Looking for best inexpensive earbuds that offers great qualities and benefits at an affordable price, then the Acctrend earbud sport is what you may be looking for especially if you are involved in sports activities and work outs.

Acctrend Earphones Headphones Earbuds Sport Headphones

Features of the Acctrend Earbud

  • Comes in a luxury package design which is easy to carry
  • Comes with three pairs of free earbuds and also a pair of earhook
  • Has a convenient slip sound control design which controls IOS, Andriod OS and Windows
  • Earbuds which are great to use when running, exercising or doing sports activities.

Qualities and Benefits of the Acctrend Earbud


Comes with a Kevlar fibre cord that is very strong making it last for a long time and also has a 3.5mm plug.


Fits comfortably in the ear and produces great crisp sound quality which enables the user have a great listening experience.


Customers have had a few complaints ranging from it not been durable enough and just lasting a few weeks or months but on the other hand many people have praised the sound quality and the comfort they feel when working out.


I will recommend it for users as it has great benefits at an affordable price making it one of the best budget in ear headphones available.


The Concert earbud are considered one of the best inexpensive in ear headphones because of its qualities. At its price it is considered a great bargain.

CONCERT Earbuds - Universal In The Ear Headphones

Features of the Concert Earbud

  • Has a great design with a stylish metal housing.
  • Has soft memory foam ear tips to make it comfortable in the ear and prevent is from falling out
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • It does not retain moisture

Qualities and Benefits of the Concert Earbud


Has a cord that does not tangle and earbuds are wearable throughout the day


Provides crisp sound quality as it keeps outside noise interference to the minimum. Its enhanced bass make listening to your favorite tunes a great pleasure.

Customers have complained of the earbuds not been durable enough because it does not last for long. Others complained that they could get them to stay in their ears no matter what they did. Also there were issues with the cord getting tangled easily without using it for long.

On a positive note a lot of people have raved about how great the sound is as it delivers crisp, clear solid sound making it pleasurable listening to your favorite tunes. They are also quite comfortable as the soft foam make it feel good in the ear.


Great earbud for the price as it offers a lot of benefits suitable for people looking for a change or an alternative to what they have and will recommend it to be tried out.

Further Thoughts

When seeking to buy a product, a customer considers a lot of factors before making a purchase decision. Top on the list is usually the price before other factors like quality, features, style, comfort, durability and lots more are considered.

It becomes more satisfying when you can get a lot of good qualities and benefits from best inexpensive earbuds at a very affordable price.

So if you are hoping to change your earbuds for any particular reason or your looking for an alternative or something different to suit your style and taste at a cheap affordable price then the table above offers you a lot of options to choose from the best cheap earbuds available.

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