5 Best Bluetooth Earbuds That Are Affordable, Fit Snugly and Deliver Quality Sound

While choosing a headphone, one important thing to consider is the mode of transmission, cables are quickly fading away and Bluetooth enabled headphones are seriously making waves.

It has become necessary to come up with the 5 best Bluetooth earbuds list in view of the fast growth that Bluetooth technology is enjoying and the far reaching possibilities that these Bluetooth powered headphones bring to the market.

Bluetooth earbuds do more than make you get rid of the annoying cables and wires which are prone to tangling and can be problematic.

One of the greatest plus of headphones is that they make multitasking possible. You can be listening to your favorite music and be running on the treadmill or lifting weight in the gym.

The sad truth however is that with wired headphones, it is hard to achieve this multitasking as you have to be consciously aware of the cable always.

This deals a terribly blow because you are unable to focus on the other tasks at hand and this is exactly what Bluetooth headphones have been able to achieve, to take all your concerns away and keep you focused on your task without having to worry about your headphone.

This is why Bluetooth headphones feature prominently in the most comfortable headphones of 2017 review.

Bluetooth headphones have a far reaching influence and are very versatile. They have emerged as one of the best headphone choices for children. Here is a complete review of the best baby headphones 2017.

The best Bluetooth headphones remove all forms of limitation and they allow you to indeed enjoy the listening experience while also engaging in stuffs. Bluetooth earbuds are special in that they are in ear headphones made to fit better and naturally block out outside noise.

Here are our Top 5 Best Bluetooth Earbuds That You Should Check out Today

SoundPEATS QY7 Bluetooth Headphone

With almost ten thousand reviews on Amazon, there is no denying the fact that the SoundPEATS QY7 is one of the top rated bluetooth earbuds out there.

Quality transmissions have been reported at 10-15 feet away from the device. Another important plus to this device in terms of the Bluetooth and connectivity is that pairing up happens real quickly, a light push on the right-hand earbud and a 5-seconds waiting period is all it takes.

What the SoundPeats QY7 is About

best bluetooth earbuds
  • You will be glad to know that the SoundPeats QY7 has Bluetooth 4.1 installed which allows you to enjoy an unbelievable range of good transmission.
  • No matter the type of your device, be it an iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Window device, or any Android Smartphones and tablets, as long as your device is Bluetooth enabled, the SoundPEATS QY7 will work perfectly with it.
  • It is lightweight, sweat-proof and designed to guarantee your comfort and in such a way that it can be easily put to use, there is nothing complex about its operations at all.
  • The QY7 boasts of advanced pure sound and SignalPlus technology which is effective given that customers have noted that its incredible audio delivery and performance is unprecedented and they have experience great blend of the rich bass and acoustic highs.
  • The headphone comes in two colors, either black or green. The design is simple and the behind-the-neck style have been praised because it is a precautionary move that seeks to prevent the earbuds from falling to the ground should they fall out of your ears.

The SoundPEATS QY7 is also called the stereo sports headphone because of its suitability for sporting activities. It also fits perfectly well and the additional earbuds and ear hooks that come with the package can be used for an even better fit. So, if you are an active person who engages in activities like running, hiking, jogging, gym exercise, cycling and other outdoor sports, this headphone is right for you.

One of the greatest selling points of the QY7 that conveniently ranks it high on the wireless bluetooth in ear headphones list is the unbelievable sound quality.

SoundPEATS QY7 is also perfect for office use as it comes with a built-in microphone on the right side which allows you to have clear, quality, hands-free phone conversation. So, if you’re a busy executive who needs to make important calls on the go, this feature will serve you well.

When you purchase the SoundPEATS QY7​ you get:

  • USB Charging Cable
  • 6 Ear Hooks,
  • 6 ear cushions,
  • hard cover clamshell Case,
  • cable clip,
  • a User manual &
  • SoundPEATS 12 Months worry-free warranty.

The size covers, ear locks, hooks and cushions are incorporated all in a bid to help you achieve a perfect fit. You can be sure one of them will fit you well enough without falling out.

As it is common with most of the best bluetooth earbuds, the QY7 can give you that full feeling in your ear but this is nothing to worry about as this translates into good noise isolation and helps to effectively block out external sound.

Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

If you are having a hard time finding that unique earbud that will fit tightly into your ear while you’re engaged in one physical activity or the other and still deliver premium sound, look no further, the photive PH-BTE70 wireless bluetooth ear bud meets all your criteria.

And because of the powerful Bluetooth 4.0 technology incoporated in the PH-BTE70 earbuds, you will not be tied to your device.

What the Photive BTE70 is About

best bluetooth headphones
  • Photive BTE70 Bluetooth Ear Buds boasts of a long-lasting rechargeable battery which charges very quickly with the micro USB charging cable that comes with the package. Apart from charging quickly, the battery delivers 6 hours of playtime, time enough for your workout routine for an entire week.
  • Constructed with flexible ear hooks to hold them firmly in place, these wireless earbuds can be easily adjusted to comfortably fit anyone and remain securely in place even through the most vigorous physical exercises and activities.
  • As one of the top bluetooth earbuds, the photive PH-BTE70 wireless ear buds allow you a great deal of freedom as they have an incredible range. They have been found to be capable of quality transmission at up to 33 feet to any device.
  • The ease of access is one of the strongest selling points of the Photive PH-BTE70 wireless ear phones.
  • This light push of a button allows you to turn the earphone off or on, adjust the volume of the music and even answer, reject, end or redial calls. This is an awesome design that aims to keep you focused on the other tasks before you.

Do you like to go hard during your physical activities up to the point that you often sweat out? You do not have to worry about what that means for your Bluetooth earbuds if you’re using the Photive PH-BTE70 wireless earbuds because they have a thin layer of Liquipel protecting the earbuds from moisture.

You are therefore free to hold nothing back and break as much sweat as you can.

Liquipel repels liquid and at the same time it maintains the compact form of the earbuds, thereby making sure that they last as long as they can and they keep functioning well too.

The sound delivery of Photive BTE70 Bluetooth Ear Buds is one of its stongest selling factors. With advanced APTX sound incorporated in its design, these earbuds do not disappoint in the audio performance category as they are noted for their incredible sound quality and amazing volume. Even with phone calls, everything is clear and crisp.

Even though Photive BTE70 Bluetooth Ear Buds is available at a very affordable price, the design and texture do not appear cheap at all and they also come with a fashionable carry pouch for keeping the ear buds. So i you’re looking for sophisticated Bluetooth headphones that is very affordable and will take all the worries off your mind, Photive BTE70 Bluetooth Ear Buds is the way to go.

AYL QY8 Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphone

If you are one of those people who have never tried out Bluetooth earbuds because you think they must be overly expensive and will not be capable of delivering quality sound since they are not in contact with the source, AYL QY8 wireless Bluetooth earbuds will clear all your doubt away.

They are indeed very affordable but that does not mean they are not of high quality. In fact, several users have found the AYL QY8 bluetooth headphone to be far more reliable and of higher quality than those headphones which cost more than a hundred dollars.

The latest Bluetooth technology, v4.1 is incorporated into these headphones and as such their signal quality is strong, transmission range is impressive and sound quality does not wear off or diminish as long as you’re within range. These headphones pair easily with all Android phones and tablets, iphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

What the AYL QY8 is About

AYL QY8 Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphone
  • As one of the 5 best bluetooth earbuds out there, AYL QY8 headphones delivers a unique sound and offer you a listening experience like no other.
  • The CVC 6.0 Digital noise reduction technology integrated into the design cleverly filters background noise resulting in the delivery of a much clearer sound to your ears either during calls or while listening to music.
  • The AYL QY8 wireless Bluetooth headphones have a ready answer to the problem of battery life common to Bluetooth earbuds. These headphones boast of a solid polymer 80mAh rechargeable battery which provides 7 hours of talk and play time as well as 175 hours standby time. With this headphone you can be pretty sure that working out or just having a satisfying listening experience is guaranteed.
  • If you receive calls often, there is a mic functionality attached to this Bluetooth headset, you will not have to stop to answer your calls. And you will not have to worry about how much you’re sweating because the AYL QY8 bluetooth sport headphones are sweat proof.
  • The AYL QY8 Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphone is specially designed to give you an awesome experience while you engage in your favorite workout routines. Nothing will be allowed to interfere with your workout or slow you down when you’re on this sport headphone.

One factor that conveniently places the AYL QY8 headphones in the forefront amidst the best Bluetooth ear buds is their ability to pair with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. What this means is that, not only will this ear buds pair up with your device in no time, you can be connected to two different devices simultaneously.

This opens up a rare opportunity for you to be able to listen to premium music sound on a device and also stay connected to your cellphone to answer incoming calls.

The EDR APT-X audio decode technology incorporated into these headphones gives the wireless Bluetooth ear buds unparalleled stereo sound quality and perhaps the icing on the cake will be that these headphones are indeed noise cancelling.

The AYL QY8 Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphone is specially designed to give you an awesome experience while you engage in your favorite workout routines.

Nothing will be allowed to interfere with your workout or slow you down when you’re on this sport headphone.

This QY8 earbuds sit snugly in your ear, the fact that you’ll get 6 ear buds and six ear hooks see to it that you can achieve the best fit without a hint of falling off or discomfort.

You will also get a user manual with the package and you will have no trouble finding the volume, sound, song selection and telephone control buttons on the wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The Jaybird brand is a powerhouse in the headphone business, so you can be sure that when they decided to work on the Jaybird X bluebud to deliver an improved Jaybird X2 bluetooth headphone, the improvement will be worth the while.

Without any controversy whatsoever, the Jaybird X2’s greatest strength is the perfect fit. Pundits and users alike have come out to state that that the Jaybird brand really got the fit right this time around.

What the Jaybirds X2 is About

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
  • If you are using the Jaybird X2 bluetooth headphone, you can afford not to charge your headphone for the whole week and still continue to enjoy the incredible services without fail. This is possible because the battery life of the Jaybird X2 is exactly as advertised, the Lithium Polymer battery offers up to 8 hours of play and talk time and 250 hours of standby time.
  • Jaybird X2 is fitted with the latest Bluetooth technology, it pairs up really fast and the transmission is seamless and of the highest quality. It also boasts of signal plus technology which allows you to enjoy skip free music outdoors.
  • Of all the top Bluetooth earbuds, the Jaybird X2 has gone the extra mile to make sure that you are comfortable and feel totally at ease when you wear the headphone. They have incorporated the patented secure-fit enhanced comfort sport ear fin into the package and with this; you will not feel like you have an extra weight that does not quite belong on your ears.
  • The Jaybird X2 headphone come with microphone that makes calling and answering calls very easy and the mic works perfectly fine without any issue whatsoever.
  • They have incorporated the patented secure-fit enhanced comfort sport ear fin into the package and with this; you will not feel like you have an extra weight that does not quite belong on your ears.

The Jaybird brand boast of having one of the best customer services around, they are indeed interested in you enjoying their headphones.

So, true to form, the Jaybird X2 bluetooth earbud offers several range of fit options. They come with three sizes of silicon ear tips, three sizes of the ear fins, three sizes of foam comply ear tips, as well cord clips that allow for under/over ear fitting. These very helpful additional features make the Jaybird X2 the most comfortable headphone out of the 5 top wireless headphones.

The earbuds stay effectively in place even during the most testing activities like running and you can literarily feel them locked in with a firmness that assures you that they will not move an inch.

Of all the top Bluetooth earbuds, the Jaybird X2 has gone the extra mile to make sure that you are comfortable and feel totally at ease when you wear the headphone.

The quality of sound that the Jaybird X2 delivers is hard to beat. The sound is simply of premium quality, the bass is clean, and the acoustic and other components are also on point. It also provides enough noise isolation to keep out ambient noises from filtering in to your ears.

ECandy BBZ-002 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

The final headphone on the 5 top wireless headphones list is the Ecandy wireless Bluetooth headphone which is designed for everyday use. It has one of the most amazing designs and user interface you will find among the best Bluetooth headphones.

No matter the kind of user you are, the Ecandy Bluetooth headphones are suitable for you. if you are an active user who engages in activities like running, jogging and the likes and needs something to stay put in your ear and an headphone that can withstand some moisture in the form of sweat, you have one in the Ecandy wireless headphones.

Likewise if you are an executive that needs to make conference calls with clear and crisp sound delivery, Ecandy is also perfect for the task.

What the Ecandy BBZ-002 is About

ECandy BBZ-002 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone
  • The Bluetooth technology in the Ecandy BBZ-002 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone is the advanced v4.0 which makes pairing up very easy and is compatible with a wide range of devices that are capable of Bluetooth connectivity.
  • One high point of the Ecandy is the design. The design is very compact and the Bluetooth earbuds are indeed lightweight, they are therefore very comfortable to be worn and can be easily stored without any unease.
  • You will be entitled to up to 6 hours of uninterrupted play and talk time and 150 hours of standby time with the Ecandy. There is an onscreen battery meter that keeps you informed about where you are with the battery consumption.
  • The good thing however is that the long-lasting, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery can be easily powered up by connecting them to USB port on your laptop via the USB cable that comes with the package, car charger, or wall charger.

It was designed in such a way to keep you from worrying about anything but to just enjoy the music delivered to your ears and focus on making your calls without interference from the environment.

The Ecandy also delivers high quality premium sound and the fact that an active noise cancelling technology was incorporated into the design makes sure that the sounds you here are clean, clear and crisp without any interference from background noise.

If you factor in the fact that the Ecandy wireless headphones are lightweight, comfortable, can withstand sweat and offer great noise cancelling technology, it can easily be used anywhere without stress.

They are very simple to work with, the buttons that control the music volume, enables you to answer or end a call and even switch music tracks are all on the earbuds and can be easily assessed.

The Ecandy BBZ-002 bluetooth headphones are indeed affordable and surprisingly, the quality that they offer is unbelievable.


No matter what you are looking out for in a blue tooth earbud, be it comfort, ability to stay put, to withstand sweat and the all-important ability to deliver high quality, clear and crisp sound while listening to music or making a call, all the headphones on this 5 best bluetooth earbuds list exemplifies them all and even more.

You can be sure that you can never go wrong by choosing any of these best Bluetooth in ear headphones and the good thing is that they are very affordable, quite frankly they provide value way higher than their prices.

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