Can You Wear Headphones with Hearing Aids? – The Possibility of Wearing Hearing Aids with Headphones

Before answering the question, can you wear headphones with hearing aids; it’s best to first understand the basic differences between the two, as sometimes people tend to mix them up, especially by looks.

Some hearing aids look like headphones or ear buds and vice versa but they perform extremely different roles and functions.

A hearing aid is mostly used by people with hearing disabilities. Most hearing aids basically consist some sort of mic that amplifies the sounds in the environment to enable the user pick up those sounds more effectively.

A sort of Mini Loudspeaker that transmits the increased sound into the Ear of the user, a volume button that can be used by the user of the hearing aid to either increase or reduce the volume of the amplified sound depending on the degree or depth of the user’s hearing disability.

The hearing aids also have batteries that power up its parts. Most hearing aids always contain the same similar components.

Hearing aids come in different styles, designs and colours, so it’s better a person to choose the type that you are comfortable with and suit your lifestyle, needs and personality.

While headphones on the other hand are designed to be used to listen to audio either for privacy or so as not to be a nuisance to other people in the environment; it is different from a loudspeaker that plays sound openly for everyone.

Headphones are designed to be placed over, around or on the head and ears of the person using it. They are called different names by different people, names which include earphones, ear buds, earpiece, ear-speakers among others.

They are of various types; they come in different designs and come in variety of different audio quality. Some headphones emit louder output than some others, individuals should also pick according to their needs.

Headphones made for use on telephones for receiving calls cannot have the same output level as headphones created for listening to Music on high end devices, so its best an individual understands his needs before choosing headphones.

Music Headphone is widely used by different people especially those in the younger generation as most of them see the usage of headphones as part of their daily life necessities.

Can You Wear Headphones with Hearing Aids?

Seeing that they both perform different functions most people especially those with hearing issues always ask the question if hearing aids and headphones can be used together.

The answer to this question is Yes, both hearing aids and headphones can be used together, but it depends on the kind of headphones and the kind of hearing aids involved.

There are basically three main types of head phones that work well with hearing aids and they are -

Bone Conduction Headphones

Can You Wear Headphones with Hearing Aids
Bone conduction is the passage of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull.

It can be used by people with hearing issues or normal people who just enjoy using it

Bone-conducting headphones are devices designed to go around portions of the ear and transmit the sounds directly to the innermost part of the ear.

This means hearing aids could be in your ears while you place the bone conducting headphones beside you ears; a very decent way to kill two birds with one stone don't you think?

The next kind of headphones that could be used conveniently with hearing aids is the

On ear Headphones

On-ear 'phones' ear pads rest on the outer ear. They do not cover the whole ear neither do they get placed into the inner ear.

This is suitable for users of hearing aids because you place on your ears while the hearing aids amplify the sound.

Over ear Headphones

Finally we have the over ear headphones, but although it may seem similar to the on-ear headphones, it’s not because this one covers the whole ear.

Unlike on-ear or in- ear models, these headphones cover the whole ear; the cups that cover the ear are often covered in soft leather, velvet or foam, making them extremely comfortable.

They also block out background noise making them the best headphones to use in listening to music for a long period of time. They cover the whole ear so it makes it better suited to use with your hearing aid. You place on your ear and the hearing aids amplify the sounds for the user. It makes it easy and you can wear headphones with hearing aids.

People always assume it is a bad idea using hearing aids alongside headphones even though you can, that's why there are lot of questions like can you wear headphones with hearing aids , because it is a major source of hearing loss.

This isn't totally true, headphones can cause hearing loss but noting these few things while using headphones with hearing aids would help in curbing the negative effects.

Points to Note When Using Hearing Aids with Headphones

  • Turn down the volume of the headphones a bit because it's going to be increased by the hearing aids, so its better you turn it down.
  • If you place the headphones too closely to the hearing aids, you may notice interference. It's more like a whistling or whirling sound from your hearing aids. These just means you should readjust or reposition the headphones. Or it just means that headphone and hearing aid are not compatible with each other. If that's the case, users should stop combining them and find another.
  • Headphones that cancel background noise should be the main choice of people who use hearing aids, because people only increase the volume of their headsets to the highest because they want to reduce the noises from the environment from cars, people talking and all that. When people with hearing aids increase the volume of their headsets, it gets amplified by the hearing aids which also cause problems for the user.


So can you wear headphones with hearing aids? Absolutely yes, You can do so by using Bone Conducting headphones, on ear headphones and over ear headphones.

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