Best Open Back Headphones Under $500

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Overall Audio features Comfort Control Wireless audio features Wireless connectivity Battery
HIFIMAN SUNDARA 8 9 7 inapplicable inapplicable inapplicable inapplicable Check price
Sennheiser HD 600 8 9 7 inapplicable inapplicable inapplicable inapplicable Check price
Sennheiser HD 660 S 8 9 7 inapplicable inapplicable inapplicable inapplicable Check price
AKG K702 7.5 8 7 inapplicable inapplicable inapplicable inapplicable Check price
AKG K712 PRO 7.5 8 7 inapplicable inapplicable inapplicable inapplicable Check price
Philips Fidelio X2HR 7.5 9 7 inapplicable inapplicable inapplicable inapplicable Check price
Sennheiser HD 599 7.5 8 7 inapplicable inapplicable inapplicable inapplicable Check price
AKG K701 7 8 6 inapplicable inapplicable inapplicable inapplicable Check price

How much money are you ready to spend on a good pair of headphones? Nowadays, online shops are full of different devices each of which seems to be worth buying. If you aim to get the best open back headphones under 500, here is plenty of useful info for you. I am going to help not only those who simply love music and want to hear their favorite tracks with amazing quality but also those who work in the music business and need an appropriate pair of cans for mixing.

There have been lots of different open models I used in my life, and the most impressive ones are represented here. They are not cheap but remember the quality of the devices will let you use them for years and years. Open back headphones are famous for the very wide soundstage and spacious sound. Probably they are not perfect for the office or long evening walk but if you are going to enjoy music at home, take a look at the list below. The perforations/grills on open back appliances allow air and sound to pass freely through the ear cups.

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Sennheiser HD 650 - best overall

Our rating

Sennheiser HD 650

These are the best open back headphones under $500 here since they combine incredibly comfortable earpads covered with soft velvety material and awesome audio reproduction. They are a nice pair of modern headphones for at-home use. When you hear how such headphones sound for the first time, it will be almost impossible to go back to closed devices.

Firstly, pay your attention to the level of impedance which is 300 Ohm. However, there are other features that make this appliance ideal for critical listening. Instead of feeling like you are right there in the studio booth, it feels like the musicians are playing around you, right there in your environment playing. Every audiophile knows about the importance of a wide frequency response. In the case of the Sennheiser HD 650, you will definitely not be disappointed. They provide sound in a range of 10 Hz - 41 kHz. Moreover, their sensitivity is 103 dB.

You will get a pretty long cable with this device — 300 cm/9.8 ft. All the benefits of this length can be felt when you need to get something in another part of the room and do not have to stop enjoying your music in order to do it. It has to be mentioned that the weight of the headphones is 260 g/9.1 oz. They are exceptionally light as for over ear headphones and don't put a lot of pressure on the head.


The HD 650 is remarkably smoother and warmer than other open back units. In addition, they have much deeper bass. You will be amazed by the beautifully accurate mid and high tones. The headphones are made not only for music lovers but for professional use as well. There are no peaks or valleys in their response at all and I have to say that they are exceptionally smooth. The perceived depth gradation is also really good with this model. Sennheiser HD 650

Key specs


  • The open-air design helps keep the ears cool
  • In the box, you will find a storage case
  • Has a great solid construction
  • Has new membranes, which allow a low total harmonic distortion of less than 0.05%
  • The user can replace the ear cushions and the audio cable is detachable
  • The ear cups can be rotated and swivelled


  • You will hear the ambient noise in any room you’re in
  • Needs ample wattage and a good amplifier to really sing
  • Some dust can flow through the grates


Our rating


Want to get a reliable pair of headphones for a pleasant listening experience? Let me tell you about HIFIMAN SUNDARA. You will hardly find a device with the same wide frequency response — 6 Hz - 75 kHz. Speaking of other technical characteristics, the headphones have 37 Ohm of impedance and their sensitivity is 94 dB.

HIFIMAN SUNDARA cannot be folded but the device has many more benefits than disadvantages. Its audio cable is detachable and has 150 cm/4.9 ft. You get a quarter jack converter as an additional accessory. The mentioned headphones are not as light as the previous ones but they are not heavy. The appliance weighs 372 g/13.1 oz and feels pretty comfortable on the head.


Realistic soundstage and imaging are something you will love these headphones for. The mids of HIFIMAN SUNDARA are really smooth and not fatiguing at all. They provide a beautifully balanced, laid-back, airy sound. The SUNDARA treble is well detailed and simply gorgeous. When it comes to soundstage, it is natural, with great instrument separation and quite precise imaging. These headphones must be absolutely perfect for such genres as classical, ambient, and drone. HIFIMAN SUNDARA

Key specs


  • Fast and detailed driver
  • The pressure displacement secondary strap below the metal headband arch
  • Extremely comfortable – not too heavy or too clampy, with a headband that does an excellent job avoiding pressure points
  • Modernistic clean lines and lack of fussiness, particularly around the hinges and cups
  • The strap seems impervious to nicks and scratches
  • Its stylish minimalist design hits all the right cues


  • May sound too polite for some genres
  • You can hear some grain or haze in treble

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