Best Wired On Ear Headphones

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GRADO RS2e 7.5 8 7 inapt inapt inapt inapt Check price
GRADO SR325e 7 7 7 inapt inapt inapt inapt Check price
Marshall Major III 7 6 10 6 inapt inapt inapt Check price
Sennheiser HD 25 7 8 6 inapt inapt inapt inapt Check price
GRADO SR60e 6.5 6 7 inapt inapt inapt inapt Check price
GRADO SR225e 6.5 6 7 inapt inapt inapt inapt Check price
GRADO SR80e 6.5 6 7 inapt inapt inapt inapt Check price
Koss Porta Pro 6.5 6 7 inapt inapt inapt inapt Check price

This article was written for those who are looking for a pair of good on ear headphones. There are plenty of very attractive models that might be interesting for you. Here I am giving my overview of the best wired on ear headphones. The text below shows all the ins and outs of this type of modern device. No matter whether you are a true audiophile who can recognize every detail of any sound or an amateur who just tries to find a nice headset, the facts here will be useful for everyone. Spend a few minutes of your life on getting really valuable info.

Here you will find my description of the audio produced by some particular device. It needs to be mentioned that my impressions are pretty subjective as sound may vary across different users. As to anything else, all the data mentioned here has been checked. So, let's dig in!

Wired on ear headphones review

Beats EP

Our rating

Beats EP

I am going to tell you about a closed-back device which is the best on ear wired headphones. Its impedance is 32 Ohm. Before buying the appliance you have to know that it has 102 dB of sensitivity. Speaking of the weight, it is 170 g/ 6.56 oz.


The bass is solid without being overpowering, while the raspy horn sections are defined. They do tend to hiss out slightly as long, high tones hit their crest though. At times, vocals can feel a little disjointed and there's not much depth to the sound. The highs and lows stand out, but everything in the middle can muddy together to create a somewhat flat experience. Beats EP

Key specs


  • You can call hands-free with the microphone in the cable
  • The control scheme is pretty simple and easy-to-use
  • The flat cord is less likely to become entangled than a round cable
  • The durable frame is reinforced with lightweight stainless steel
  • You get a carrying pouch with the device
  • The ear cups are a great combination of plastic and metal


  • No folding hinges or swiveling ear cups
  • Does not fold up or fold flat
  • Bass and treble delivery varies a lot across users

What is wired on ear headphones

There are so many different headphone models on the market today that making a choice might be really difficult. But it is going to be much easier if you know what exactly you are looking for. First, you have to make up your mind what wearing style the headphones should have. Wired devices usually deliver pretty solid sound and they do not need to be charged. Such appliances can be used only with an audio cable. On ear headphones' ear pads rest on the outer ear, while over-the-ear models have larger earpads that encircle the ears. Both models can be pretty comfortable to wear.

Wired on ear headphones pros and cons

Advantages and disadvantages of wired headphones over wireless


  • The quality of the audio provided by a wired headphone has traditionally been much better since it does not require reliance on an over-the-air technology that is prone to interference
  • You do not have to worry about charging the device
  • The built-in electronic circuitry makes the wireless ones less resistant to drops, whilst wired devices are pretty durable


  • With wireless Bluetooth headphones, you don’t have to drag around a long cable, there’ll be no more tangling, no more getting your loose wire caught in things, etc
  • Wireless devices are much better for people into sports or who are on the go a lot

Advantages and disadvantages of on ear headphones over over-ear


  • The ear cups are smaller than you will find on over ear headphones which means that the device is definitely compact and lightweight
  • Do not usually get as hot as over ears headphones can
  • Because of that focus on portability, manufacturers of on ear headphones often include things like cases and make it so the headphones fold up easily


  • Some people are quite sensitive, and on ear headphone models can at times lead to some soreness from the constant contact with your ears, whilst over ear models cover the whole ear
  • Usually, over ear headphones have better noise-isolation
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