How to fix your faulty earbuds

Most earbuds do not last for a long time, most earbuds after using for a while starts to get weakened cables and ends up breaking because of continuous movement which is unavoidable when you are making use of a earbud.

Some headphone producers utilize cables which are more durable and toughen the places where the cables connect to the jack plug in and the phone themselves.

But still, cables may probably break sooner or later.

When this happens, most people get rid of the headphones in anger and purchase another one.

how to fix earbuds

Most people may not be able or willing to purchase another pair for various reasons.

This article would serve as a form of guide for those who want to save and inform you on the step by step ways on how to fix your faulty earbuds.

What are earbuds?

Ear buds could also be called headphones, earpiece, earphones and head speakers.

They are a pair of small listening equipment or gadget that is created to be worn on or around the ear.

They convert electrical signals to a complementary sound in the users’ ears.

how to fix broken earbuds

Earbuds are created to let a single user listen to an audio source privately, different from a loudspeaker which allows the sound to be emitted openly for anyone in the vicinity to hear.

The earbuds or earphones have separate units of connection that are plugged to the individuals’ ears.

Types of headphones

There are a variety of earbuds in the market today, so it’s best for individual to have an understanding of the various kinds so as to determine which is the most suitable for him or her.

The most common types of earphones include;

Circumaural headphones

These are headphones which go over the ears and enclose them totally.

They are basically utilized by professional sound engineers or musicians because the shape of the headphone elevates the quality of sound remarkably.

The individual headphones have pads that cover the ears so as to trap the sound waves within the space between the ear pad and the ear, helping to sieve out ambient sound and making the headphone seem like a soundproof room.

They are ideal for people who do not want to be disturbed by outside noises.

Supra-Aural headphones

They are placed on the ears and created to latch on the ears instead of going around them completely.

They are made from a band which is adjustable and can be placed over the head to ensure the device is secure.

It consists of a pad which is in between the wearer’s ears and the speaker.

Bluetooth headsets

These are earphones which can be used for a lot of things which include cell phones, landline phones and even some unique recording tools on the computer. The can switch from one device to another without needing an adapter.

Causes of a faulty ear buds

The following may be the root cause of a faulty earbud. They include;

  • Broken jacks
  • Broken cables which usually occur because of dangling
  • Broken earbud

How to fix your faulty ear buds

Earbuds are great, but someday your earbuds may start to develop some faults. Thankfully it’s not necessary to purchase another.

You might be able to get it back on track yourself by doing the following;

how to fix your earbuds when one goes out

Getting ready

Before you start, you should get the needed items needed to repair your earbuds ready. They include; faulty earbud headphones, a new jack plug, a soldering iron and solder, a vice, a penknife or wire cutter and some matches or lighter.

Repairing a shortened cable

Firstly, you have to slot your headphones into an audio outlet then while the audio plays you move your hand up and down the wire bending it inch by inch so you can pinpoint where the wires have issues.

When you finally isolate where the sounds are shorting out or not properly connected, you put a tape to the left or right of where you located the shortening.

Next you use your wire cutters to gently cut the shortened area of the wire out by slicing each side of the shortened area where you found it had issues.

Next using a pair of wire strippers, strip back the wire shielding on both the sides to bring out the wires which should be a red one and a black one alongside a copper wire.

Depending on your headphone it may vary. Once you are done stripping back the wire shielding, the exposed wires should be stripped so you can reconnect them.

For small sized wires you may utilize sandpaper to get the wiring underneath exposed.

Once they are exposed, you reconnect the wires using the same colours e.g. black to black and splice them together using a soldering iron.

Test your headphones to make sure it works properly and if it does use electrical tape to wrap the area you repaired to secure it.

Add a new jackplug

With the wire cutter, cut off the previous jackplug. Replace with the one you just purchased after making sure it’s similar. Ensure you purchase the one used for stereos. This is a more delicate method of fixing which requires you to utilize a soldering iron which would be used to weld the jackplug to the earbud wires.

Repairing by conjoining two faulty pairs of ear buds together

If you have two faulty pairs of earbuds, you can join them together to make a single working pair and it is way easier and less delicate to do this that adding a new jack plug.

Assuming one pair has a faulty jack and the other has broken earbuds, you can just slice the wires of both pairs in half and join the working earbud from one to the working jackplug of the other.

All you need is to cut, strip and make the wires ready. You would also need to ensure the wires of both earbuds are matched correctly.

Repairing the cable at the headphone end;

This is a bit more difficult that replacing the jack plug alone, but it is basically the same process.

Even if its only one headphone or earbud broken, the cable of both earphones should be shortened by cutting them off.

They should both be shortened and repaired. If you don’t do this, it may end up damaging the headphones and whatever it is connected to.

You can save extra cost if you follow the steps listed to fix your broken ear buds with precision.

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