Best Types of Music to Help You Sleep Fast

A lot of people struggle with sleep, including children and adults alike. Using calm and gentle music to unwind each night before bed would go a really long way, it is even recognized as a form of relaxation technique.

Studies have shown that even people that suffer from sleep disorders can improve their sleep quality and quantity before bedtime by listening to music. Although the effects may not happen overnight, using music continuously would pay off later.

Because there are a lot of popular forms of music in existence today, this article would act as a form of guide to pinpoint the best types of music to help you sleep faster.

What is music?

Music can be defined as a type of art and cultural activity which is recognized through sound which prevailed in time.

music to help you sleep

The common parts of music include pitch which directs melody and harmony. Other elements of music include rhythm, dynamics, timbre and texture.

Music can be performed using a variety of instrument with vocal techniques which range from singing to rapping.

There are music which involves the playing of only musical instruments while there are music that involves singing alone without any musical instruments and other things that conjoin singing with instruments.

Basically music is basically known as a form of art that deals in the creation of works of songs which includes songs, symphonies, and tunes and so on.

It is also known as the activities that deal in the study of music and history of music.

Types of Music

Although there are various types of music in existence today, below are some of the most recognized types of music. They include

  • Alternative music; alternative music is made up of hard rock, folk rock, college rock among a variety of others
  • Blues; this includes acoustic blues, classical blues, country blues and so on
  • R&B; this is made up of contemporary R&B, funk, disco and so on
  • Reggae; consists of dancehall, roots reggae among others
  • Rap

Other forms of music include;

  • Afro- beat and Afro-pop
  • Pop
  • Opera
  • Latin
  • Karaoke
  • K-pop
  • Instrumentals and so on

How does music assist in helping you sleep?

music to fall asleep to

Studies have shown that people from around the world ranging from different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs have used music as a sleep aid successfully.

If the appropriate type of music is used, it can assist in helping us sleep because it produces a continuous, predictable noise environment and works like a white noise in this way.

However, white noise deals in the provision of equal levels of should across all frequencies; it would not prove helpful for someone suffering from tinnitus or for someone who feels the frequencies are too distracting.

Any music that you find enjoyable and peasant as well as soothing may be an appropriate replacement for white noise because it is less likely to distract you with frequencies and tones that you won’t enjoy, or that would worsen a condition like tinnitus.

While we sleep, the sudden change in the level of noise around us can wake us from sleep.

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The Work of Music Frequency in Making You Sleep

Frequency can also play a vital role in using music as a sleeping aid.

Specific binaural beats which use two tones for music being played at different frequencies are recognized to have helped promote sleep and relaxation because of the response they induce in the brain.

Using headphones to listen to binaural beats is said to have the maximum effect because each hear would hear a frequency different from the other.

Studies have shown that binaural beats is going to be beneficial for people having problem sleeping.

How to Choose the Right Music

There are different kinds of music available today, so in choosing the right music for sleep, the following factors should be considered.

  • Select a style of music that you find enjoyable
  • Make certain the music has a slow tempo
  • Select an instrumental song that has no lyrics, lyrics could be distracting for some people
  • Make sure you are in a convenient environment
  • Dim or turn off the lights
  • If you find it comfortable, you can make use of good comfortable headphone

Best Type of Music that Would Help you Sleep Fast

There is a lot of available music available. But these are some of the best types of music that are sure to help you sleep. They include;

  • Classical music; classical music is sure to get you to sleep when you are tired. The soft notes of classical music will be great to sleep with. There are very great classical music to help you fall asleep to choose from.
  • Soft rock; this is useful for people who enjoy rock, and it is great for those who have trouble sleeping. Soft rock makes use of tender lyrics, soft notes and gentle tones to help enable you sleep. It can be an ideal solution if you can’t sleep.
  • Easy listening; music from people like Kenny G will be great to help sleep if you fancy their style of music. The soft sound emanating from the piano and guitars combined with the sax and a variety of other instruments are sure to calm your mind and indulge you to sleep soundly. There is variety of songs to fall asleep to like this available to select your pick from.
  • Ambient music; this type of music has a way of entering your ears from every angle, it uses compositions to help you sleep. The chords will bring about memories that are sure to trigger sleep.
  • Sounds of nature; for people who like relaxing outdoors while birds sing, and insects chip. Using this type of music is the best for you, as it replicates the sound you hear outdoors which are bound to get you to sleep and take you into dreamland.


There is basically music for everyone, and although some people may find it difficult to find best music to fall asleep to, these are some of the best music to help you sleep and one of them is certainly bound to work.

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Steve - June 10, 2017

The best music I’ve found to sleep is from artist Max Corbacho, any of their albums. You can start with his album Nocturnes, I have slept many nights with his music, and with this particular album is very deep: http://maxcorbacho.bandcamp.com/album/nocturnes


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