Most Comfortable Headphones 2017

There was a time when headphones had to be bulky and as such are mostly confined to the privacy of different homes.

The times have however changed and thanks to the laudable advances in headphone technology, for a headphone to rank high on the best headphones list, it has to meet some requirement apart from the basic one of being capable of sound transmission.

One very important requirement is that it has to be one of the most comfortable headphones around.

Comfort is very important when it comes to headphones, of course your headphone should be capable of delivering high quality home-theater like sound to your ears but you actually have to wear this headphone over your ears.

How they make you feel whether at ease or disturbed is therefore very important.

A section of the headphone market where comfort is just as important as everything else is the baby headphones section.

You can read our article, the best baby headphones 2017 for details.

Although the idea of comfort as far as wearing headphones is concerned might not be a unanimous one, most people will agree that the most comfortable headphones are the ones that after several hours of having them on, you don’t even know you’re wearing a thing.

In-Ear, On-Ear or Over-Ear Headphones: Which is most comfortable?

These are the three basic headphone design models. The three designs can be incorporated into wired headphones as well as Bluetooth headphones. Read about 5 best bluetooth earbuds that are affordable, fit snugly and deliver quality sound here.

Although it is difficult to lump up every headphone under each category to fit a single opinion, the way these headphones work make it possible for safe generalizations which holds water to a great extent.

The in-ear headphones or earbuds will is easily the least comfortable of the three designs because they are plugged directly into the ear.

They essentially cover up and block the ear canal and even though they are the most portable headphones and deliver superb noise isolation, it often feels like they are invading your ear. You can only be comfortable wearing them for some minutes.

The On-ear headphones do not enclose the ear fully, they therefore give some space for air to flow through the ears and as such you tend to sweat less on the ear pads and as such you can have them on for a little longer time.

On-ear headphones also tend to be less bulky with lighter headbands putting lesser pressure on your head. They however do not deliver the most quality sound and their noise isolation capability is poor. You will be comfortable in these for a number of hours.

Over the ear headphones enclose the ears fully hence the ear pads are much bigger. The bigger pads therefore require a stronger support in bigger and stronger headbands which if not well padded can hurt your head.

Very little ear will find their way to your ears, so you’re likely to sweat much. Sound quality is great, some can be folded up and noise isolation is great. You will be comfortable in these for hours.

To Choose the Most Comfortable Headphones, Look out For These;

The features that distinguish the most comfy headphones from the ordinary ones depend largely on your design of presence. Here are some noteworthy features:

  • Ear Pads/Ear Cups: It is very important that you pay attention to the ear pads/cups on a headphone; after all it is that part of the headphone that sits on your ears or attempt to crush them in the case of the uncomfortable headphones. Look out for supple ear cups with a generous amount of cushion. The cushion can be in a form of foam padding which soaks up moisture and attracts dirt, vinyl padding seals up better and blocks out background noise and there is also the leather padding. It also helps if the pads are wide.
  • Fastening Force: It is very important that you pay attention to how much pressure is going into clamping the headphones firmly against your ears. If the pressure is too much you will begin to feel little pain or discomfort in a matter of minutes. If the pressure is not enough, you will not achieve a perfect fit, your headphone will be loose and you will need to periodically reach over your ears to make adjustment. Either ways, both situations are uncomfortable, look for headphones that achieve a delicate balance between these two scenarios.
  • Headbands: The most comfortable over the ear headphones are those whose headbands do not attempt to shrink your head while trying to make it down to both of your ears. No matter how good a headphone is, if the headband is too tight, it will only give you headache. Look for headphones whose headbands can be adjusted to your head size.
  • Size and Portability: Headphones are everyday accessories that you cannot do without and will probably be with you for several hours, so you clearly don’t need something that feels like an extra weight. All headphones appear to be bulky at a glance especially with those wide ear cups and thick headbands. The truth however is that most headphones for sensitive ears are usually light because they are made from standard materials. So if it feels like an extra weight and cannot be stored conveniently or cannot be left hanging on your neck for hours when not in use, it will be more of a burden than a useful accessory.

Are you looking for headphones that deliver premium sounds with a distinctive bass and an overall perfect blend? Maybe you also want some noise cancelling or isolation features thrown in but you’re very particular about the fit and comfort.

You can choose from our 5 most comfortable headphones which covers the best of the best from the in-ear, on-ear and over-ear headphone categories.


Sennheiser HD598

With its lightweight and luxurious velour covered ear pads, it is clear that Sennheiser HD598 is built for extreme comfort.

This headphone will win the award for the most comfortable headphones any day. It combines flawless sound delivery with incomparable quality and it does a very good job on both parts.

What the Sennheiser HD598 is About

  • The HD 598 comes with E.A.R. technology, an innovation of Sennheiser which works to directly channel audio signals into your ears for a more spatial and realistic listening experience. This is achieved by rightly positioning transducers in the ear cups through E.A.R. technology.
  • Beyond the rich blend of outer cream color with the brown color of the inner cups that creates a luxurious look, the HD 598 is a luxurious headppone made from premium materials to achieve extreme comfort for all users. They are compatible with all audio devices out there and 3m cable gives space for enough freedom.
  • The leatherette headband does not squeeze your head together, it gently soothes it and the ear cups which covered with velour provide mild and gentle cushion. You will not feel the clamping pressure to ear cups and as such wearing for extended period will be pure joy.

The Sennheiser HD598 boasts of an elegant design that stands out from the pack. The large over-ear styling makes sure that the ear cups are a perfect fit for majority of ear shapes and sizes

Everything in this headphone has been painstakingly done and a quick look at the ear cup confirms this. The pairing of detailed high-gloss burl wood with premium metal mesh on the inside of the ear cups coupled with innovative acoustic engineering makes the transmission of a balanced sound that has a natural feel to it possible.

Amidst the most comfortable over ear headphones, HD 598 stands tall.

When you buy a headphone like the Sennheiser HD 598, you will always be looking forward to having a blast and getting transfixed through the cool sound of music. The good thing is they last really long and you even get a two year warranty.


Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones

The Sennheiser brand is a reliable headphone brand that has been in the business of turning out quality professional headphones for a number of years.

The Sennheiser HD 202 does not occupy the #1 best seller seat in the over-ear headphone section for nothing, it is indeed the best of the best headphones available and it no doubt one of the most comfortable headphones out there.

What the Sennheiser HD202 is About

  • The Sennheiser HD 202 is a closed, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphone with a frequency response that ranges between 18 Hz to 18 KHz.
  • The Sennheiser HD 202 gives off amazing sound and this should not come as a surprise since the headphone boast of high efficiency drivers that promote maximum performance.
  • The HD 202 is capable of transmitting powerful bass response, extremely low bass, high sound levels and modern rhythm-driven music effectively.
  • The HD 202 headphones provide great noise isolation; they perfectly seal your ears away from any interference of ambient noise. They can be used either outside or indoor, a copper cable up to 3m in length allows for freedom when listening outdoors.

This headphone is ideal for all modern music lovers who live for great sounding bass but are also conscious that not everybody shares their taste in music and no one should therefore be disturbed.

Other features that contribute to the amazing sound are quite many, Sennheiser seems to have incorporated the most recent advances in headphone technology into the making of the HD 202 and it is really paying off.

In spite of all the technological advancements that is wrapped up in the Sennheiser HD 202 headphone, it boasts of anultra-lightweight design which has made it very comfortable to wear. If you’re up for some quality extended time, the HD 202 is a great pick.

Everything in the HD 202 has been made to make you enjoy its full capabilities. The headbands are made for outdoors, so they can withstand good use without falling apart. The ear cups are removable from the headbands and can be replaced. The headband is made of quality leather and achieving the perfect, snug fit with them is very easy.

Panasonic RP-TCM125 ErgoFit In-Ear Headphones

The Panasonic ergofit headphone is one of the most comfortable earbuds. It provides a perfect blend of comfort, style and premium sound.

What the Panasonic Rp-TCM125 is About

  • An inline switch and microphone is incorporated into the Panasonic ergofit in-ear headphones. What this means is that in the twinkling of an eye and with just a simple touch, you will be able to switch between calls and music. This feature works very well with Iphones, android devices as well as BlackBerry devices.
  • The cord is 3.6 feet long and it passes through clothing and bags without an itch. It is also good to note that you can pair the color of your cable to match your earpads, this headphone is cool and stylish like that.
  • These small and simple headphones have large 9mm drivers embedded in them along with neodymium magnets and a wide frequency response. All of these components work together in tandem to deliver high-quality, crystal-clear sound directly into your ears.

The Panasonic ergofit headphone package comes with three sets of ear pads particularly small, medium, and large sizes. You will certainly be able to get a nice, comfortable and snug fit that will keep the earbuds in without any feeling of unease at all.

An inline switch and microphone is incorporated into the Panasonic ergofit in-ear headphones. What this means is that in the twinkling of an eye and with just a simple touch, you will be able to switch between calls and music. This feature works very well with Iphones, android devices as well as BlackBerry devices.

One of the most comfortable in ear headphones, the Panasonic ergofit headphones are generously padded, so you will not experience that feeling of invasion in your ears. They are lightweight and can be easily transported. They are also very affordable.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you are one of those people who love earbuds and do not as much care for the headbands with their large cups, the Bose quietcomfort 20 headphone is one of the most comfortable earphones you will like to check out.

What the Bose QuietComfort 20 is About

  • These earbuds are compatible with devices like Samsung tablets, smartphones and android devices. With the inline microphone and remote, you are able to listen to music and answer calls without reaching out to your phone.
  • Something phenomenal about these headphones is there topnotch noise cancelling ability which allows you to focus on your music and enjoy a wonderful listening experience without disturbance.

How about wanting to keep your headphones on but you still want to be aware of movement and little sounds around? That is also possible with these headphones, with the tap of a button you are able to switch to the aware mode which allows you to hear what is going on around you.

Most in-ear headphones completely block the ear canal and that is why they are considered by many users to be uncomfortable but the Bose quietcomfort20 headphone is not like the rest. It actually sits shallower and the good thing is that they do not fall off despite this shallow sitting. Flexible wings have been put in place to hold the tip of the headphone to your outer ear without

Away from the comfort that Bose quietcomfort20 headphone provides as one of the most comfortable in-ear headphones, the sound clarity of these comfortable ear buds is noteworthy. It delivers natural digital-quality sound with the aid of Triport technology and the Bose active EQ.

Sentey Headphones with Microphone Inline Control

The fact that these headphones have been reviewed over a thousand times is a pointer to the fact that the Sentey brand has delivered yet another headphone masterpiece and it is one of the reasons why it has made it to our most comfortable headphones list.

The Sentey headphone with microphone inline control is essential a stereo headphone designed with lovers of good music and exceptional sound in mind. The bass, mids and treble are well balanced out with this headphone.

What the Sentey Headphone is About

  • The Sentey headphone with microphone inline control parades Sentey’s phaint design which is a perfect fit in the urban lifestyle. This makes the headphones really lightweight, the ear cups can be tilted or rotated at multiple angles and they also be folded up to be easily stored away.
  • The ear cups themselves are made from memory form which performs double duty by providing soothing comfort to the ear and also blocking out ambient noise from filtering into the ears.
  • You are able to play or pause your music, skip a track, answer your calls and hang up at the press of a button. The microphone makes calling very easy too as the voice clarity is second to none.

The fact that you are able to have total control over your music and the functionality of your phone with this headphone is super cool.

The Sentey headphone with microphone inline control parades Sentey’s phaint design which is a perfect fit in the urban lifestyle. This makes the headphones really lightweight, the ear cups can be tilted or rotated at multiple angles and they also be folded up to be easily stored away.

Comfort is where the Sentey headphone with microphone inline control thrives. Without a doubt it is one of the most comfortable over the ear headphones around and you will agree when you see how light it is as well as the multiple possible ranges of adjustments that are possible with the headband in order to achieve a perfect fit. The protein leather ear cushion lines the headband and the ear cups to minimize any form of discomfort.


All of these five headphones are great. They cut across different design styles, prices and headphone technology but they have one thing in common; they are the most comfortable headphones you should check out.

Any of these headphones is a good buy, you will be getting value for your money and you will not be sacrificing sound quality for comfort, you will have both ways with any one of these comfy headphones above.

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