How To Use Debrox To Clear Up Clogged Ears

Has your hearing become dampened? Thankfully, in most scenarios, it may have nothing to do with your precise hearing ability. Most of the time it is just because of a clogged ear which indicates a blockage in the ear canal. This article would serve as a guide to teach you how to use Debrox to clear up clogged ears.

Asides from being irritating and annoying, a clogged ear can be really painful, it is crucial to get treatment early.

What is a Clogged Ear?

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Clogged ears are majorly caused by ear wax build up, it occurs when your ear canal creates a waxy oil known as cerumen, which is mostly known as earwax.

The wax protects the ear against dust, external particles, and microorganisms. It also safe guards the ear canal skin from irritation caused by contact with water.

Normally the surplus ear wax finds its path out of the canal and into the ear opening naturally before being washed away. When you glades produce more earwax that needed, it may get solid and block the ear.

Cleaning the ears may push the wax deeper into your ears by mistake resulting to a blockage.

Wax build up is a major cause of temporary hearing loss.

Causes of Clogged Ears

The feeling of ear blockage happens when the outer of the middle ear is affected. Some of the major causes of clogged ears include;

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  • Gathering of wax in the outer ear canal; the outer ear canal consists of several glands which pour out wax or cerumen. The earwax gets dust particles stuck, then dries off and falls off later. Surplus wax can lead to cerumen impaction and lead to a blocked feeling.
  • Water can get into the ear while taking a shower or swimming and may stay inside resulting to a clogged feeling.
  • Foreign bodies like little stones may get into the ear canal leading to clogged ears.
  • Infection of the outer ear canal by bacteria can result in ear blockage. The resulting condition is called acute otitis externa.
  • The change of the air pressure while on a flight on either side of the eardrum may happen while elevating into high altitudes usually during a flight. People who are allergic may find it more tedious to stabilize the air pressure in the middle ear.

Symptoms of Clogged Ears

There are various symptoms of clogged ears, some of the major symptoms include;

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  • There could be earache.
  • There could be reduction in hearing.
  • There may be noticeable fever or release from the ear when there is an infection.
  • Failure to hold balance.
  • There could be a feeling of fullness in the ear.

Treatment of Clogged Ears

Clogged ears can be treated in different ways depending on the reason for the blockage. Some of the treatments include;

  • If the blocked ear was caused by a foreign body in your ear, the doctor would bring it out using unique and specialized instruments. A growth or tumour in the ear can be removed surgically.
  • If the clogged ear was caused by earwax, you can use wax-dissolving eardrops like Debrox ear wax removal kit so that it can fall off. The doctor can engage in a process of ear irrigation to eliminate stubborn wax.
  • If there is an infection, ear drops and antibiotics can be made use of.
  • If there is a blocked ear gotten from the change in air pressure, its ideal to close your mouth, hold your nose and breathe out with a little force. The air will get into your middle ear and provide a popping feeling that will get rid of the difference in pressure. Yawning continuously can assist in stabilizing the pressure on both sides of the eardrums.

How to Use Debrox to Clear Up Clogged Ears

Debrox is a safe, tender and lenient way to get rid of wax build up in the comfort of your home.

It contains active ingredient like carbamide peroxide which has been proven clinically to be efficient for earwax removal.

Surplus earwax build-up is a major problem that can result to ear discomfort, itchy ears and loss of hearing temporally or partially. With Debrox you can clear built-up ear wax, dirt and other foreign bodies.

Debrox is easy to utilize, it removes excessive earwax safely through the strength of micro-foam cleansing action.

When drops are put in the ear, it releases oxygen letting Debrox to foam on getting in contact as it tenderly softens and loosens earwax.

How Debrox Cleans Up Earwax

Debrox gets rid of earwax safely by softening it with its tender micro-foam cleaning action which allows the earwax to drain from the ear naturally.

There may be a bubbling sound while Debrox is being used to show it is working.

Any earwax left after using Debrox can be gotten out by gently flushing the ear with warm water.

How to Use Debrox Ear Wax Removal Kit


Five to ten drops of Debrox drops should be applied to the afflicted ear. According to the producer, when the carbamide peroxide contained in Debrox gets in contact with the earwax, it lets out oxygen which produces foam. A crackling or popping sound may be heard after utilizing Debrox.


Debrox drops can be utilized two once or twice daily but shouldn’t be used for more than four days except your doctor asks you to use it for longer. This is enough to get rid of the earwax but if there are still symptoms then step 3 comes in


Wash or flush the ear suing warm water.

Flush the ear with warm water. Irrigation can also be performed at home by using a bulb syringe or device that is manufactured for the purpose, says the AAO. Warm the water to body temperature first to prevent vertigo.

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Clogged ear may be caused for a variety reasons but the common reason is because of ear wax build up and Debrox earwax removal kit would go a long way in sorting this problem.

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