How Headphones Are Changing The World

Headphones are everywhere these days. If you are reading this post on your computer or on your mobile phone, chances are very high that you either have your ears plugged with or covered with headphones or they are sitting somewhere close to you.

They are so popular that whether you are walking on the street, sitting at home or just relaxing in a bar, you are bound to find at least someone with a headphone band going over the head to connect the two ears.

Headphones have indeed being around for a long time but it wasn’t until recently that the headphone fever seemed to have spread so fast.

Perhaps the advances in smartphone technology and the fact that when you purchase a mobile phone a headphone usually come with the pack no matter how simple or unsophisticated it is.

The reality of the time we live in is that people tend to be more aloof, more private; they want to be left alone to do their thing, watch their show and enjoy their own music.

We have moved from the largely communal lifestyle where every single act from eating to watching television shows has to be a joint family or communal thing.

Headphones have helped us to devise a means whereby everybody can at least own their own space and have a private listening experience even when they still got company or family around. To quote Derek Thompson in his widely acclaimed article about headphones; “The triumph of headphones is that they create in a public space, an oasis of privacy”

Headphones and the modern day office setup dilemma

office headphones

Take a look at the modern office setup. Most often than not, what you find is a large working space with tables and chairs arranged back to back.

Even when the rooms have been partitioned into sections and cubicles, you cannot shake the feeling that you have about hundred eyes around you and this can slow down work and hamper creativity.

In such arrangements the background noise from fingers moving over the keyboards, ringing cellphones, buzzing of the air-conditioner contributes to making an employee feel uneasy.

To be productive you need to own our space, to have this feeling that you are in charge of your little territory, having different sounds filtering into your ears every now and ten does not encourage this.

So when you walk into an office setup, you often notice more than half of the workers have headphones firmly on their ears. What those workers are trying to do is to own their space in order to foster productivity. Majority of them will be listening to music while some will not.

The workers who listen to music on their headphones maintain that the music makes them better at their jobs as it clear their head and helps them concentrate better. And there is the other group of workers who use headphones but do not play any music on it while at work just wants to get away from the ambient noise.

In their case as well, headphones have helped to gain better concentration and ultimately improve productivity. Headphones might indeed be the lasting solution to the dilemma of the modern day office set up.

Headphones and the Musical Experience

headphones and guitar

Besides sport, another entity that can conveniently serve as unifying factor for the world is music. Music is the food of the soul and for most music lovers, the thrill and other dozen feelings that come with listening to their favorite music is indescribable.

Now, the world has evolved, the music industry has grown in leaps and bounds, there are thousands of music out there for people to choose from.

What this means is that as very likely as it is for two people to favor the same music, the probability that they will want to listen to it at the same time is slim. Headphones have helped to sustain and promote the individuality of each person’s musical experience.

It can be frustrating to have many annoying sound interference when you’re hoping to get high on your music and be transfixed into that realm that only music can take you.

Noise cancelling and noise isolating headphones are so amazingly dynamic, they will help you block out all those noises to offer you an exclusive sound, your music.

Other Places Where Headphones Are Changing The World

Now, the average headphone user you will encounter on the street or in the bar will most likely be nodding their head or just plain shaking their body to the rhythm of a sound filtering into their ears from their headphones.

Because of this, headphones have been largely associated with the explosion of the music industry. To be honest, music is the most important reason people use headphones but that is not to say that headphones are not used for other things.

Headphones have indeed found application in other things apart from listening to music:

Recording Studios

how headphones are changing the world
Music production is a very thorough process and in order to churn out the amazing melodies that will have headphones glued to people’s ears, the music producers themselves need to make use of advance headphone technology.

You will find high technology headphones glued to music producers ears because they have to be able to hear every part of the sound they are making exactly as it is.

Producers cannot afford to have some frequencies cut off in their music, so they go for studio headphones that are capable of playing the complete frequency spectrum that the human ear can hear.

Most studio headphones are also noise isolating because it is very important that no sound will leak from the headphones into the microphone during recording sessions.

So headphones and advanced headphone technology has found important use in music production.

Competitive Gaming

Competitive gaming is a fast rising feature of our present world and if you are into gaming at this level, you know for sure that being able to pick up sound cues gives you a great advantage.

The special gaming headphones are designed to pick up every sound detail and also make sure that no sound gets out so that your competitor will not have an idea of what you are up to by picking up sounds from your computer.

Instant Messaging

Bluetooth technology is taking over the world by storm as a new Bluetooth powered innovation is rolled out week after week.

The headphones have not stayed out of the fray, so there are Bluetooth powered headphones which have indeed brought fresh benefits to the use of headphones.

Bluetooth headphones can be used with your bluetooth enabled devices like computer, laptop, tablets and smartphones. They allow you to have a clear streaming of audio devoid of interference.

Bluetooth headphones also come with a built in microphone which are fit for instant messaging. With these headphones you can use voice over IP (VoIP) applications on your computer.

With instant messaging and these bluetooth headphones, you don’t need to type, all that is required of you is to start a voice conversation with anyone and you can then carry on with a voice chat.

Because the headphones are bluetooth enabled and have a transmission range of up to 30m, you don’t need to sit down with your computer; you can get busy (in the kitchen perhaps) and still carry on with your voice chat.


headphones and amplifier
One place where everyone do not wear their headphones (at least no one is expected to) is in the club, a party or any dance floor for that matter. This is because the Dj is on ground blasting choice music into the hair at really loud volume.

Have you ever wondered how the Djs manage to keep churning out songs after songs without even placing a foot wrong?

Headphones are the secret behind the Djs’ successes; you’ve noticed they always wear one right. This is because they need to hear what going on in their headphones over the loud music in the room. I agree this is a tough call but headphone technologies have advanced there are Dj headphones designed to handle this.

Sports and Exercise

How headphones are changing the world in sports today. To step on to the balcony of your home in the morning or make a quick trip outside to the mailbox is to often encounter people going for a run; hiking or just walking to keep fit a good number of these people will have their headphones on.

Now the good thing about headphone technology is that the sport and exercise headphone is a sector in the headphone industry on its own and there are different headphones for each particular exercise or workout routines that people enjoy.

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