How to Connect Wireless Headphones to Television

From call centres, to cars, and fitness centres, wireless headphones utilized by millions of people all day around the world either for work or for fun.

For example, wireless headphones are widely recognized and used by gamers because it allows you move around freely without you having to be bothered about a cord.

People having a workout in the gym or in front of their television in the living room enjoy the freedom from wireless headphones, they are also very ideal for people who want to watch TV late at night without being a nuisance to others.

This article would serve as a guide to keep you informed on how to connect your wireless headphones to your television.

What are Wireless Headphones?

Wireless headphones are headphones that are connected to various devices which include speakers, smart phones, stereo speakers, television, gaming consoles, computer and any other electronic device without making use of a wire or cable.

Wireless headphones work by passing or transmitting audio signals through a radio or infrared signals which are dependent on your device.

Wireless headphones work by pairing or connecting with the device you intend to use using a radio or infrared signal. A lot of devices use Bluetooth technology to make it easier for the user to connect.

Devices that utilize Bluetooth technology can connect and trade data over very short distances making use of radio transmissions. Headphones with Bluetooth also let you connect to more than one device at the same time.

how to connect wireless headphones to tv

Products with Bluetooth technology have tiny computer chips that contain the Bluetooth radio, and software that makes connectivity between the devices possible.

So when products which are Bluetooth enabled such as a headphone or cell phone are at close range to each other, the pair or connect. This allows you to listen to music or have a conversation on the phone without having to use wires.

Connecting a wireless headphone is different depending on the type of device you are making use of, but it’s quite easy when you know how to connect them.

Types of Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones which are used for televisions are different from those used for phone conversations or MP3 players.

Before choosing any one, its best to know everything you should about the device you plan on using and make sure they would work together flawlessly. The basic types if wireless headphones include the following;

Bluetooth headphones; these usually provide an ideal balance between quality and cost. These are good for mobile devices that have Bluetooth capabilities. Most radios and televisions do not have Bluetooth and won’t be able to connect. Make sure you check the device before you get them.

Infrared headphones; are best used for televisions or devices that so not come with built in wireless functions. The receiver just plugs into the headphone plug and connects it to the headset. Although these headphones are great for television and older Televisions they have limited functions and make them poor options when it comes to music and other complicated sounds.

UHF headphones; they bring a wider range of sound than infrared headphones and can be used to listen to music without problems. This is an ideal option to use with older devices that don’t have Bluetooth or wireless capabilities.

Wireless headphones; are an ideal way to listen to music, radio or TV without being a nuisance to others who are in the vicinity. Because of its increasing popularity finding headphones that can suit your needs can be done with ease. Its best you have a good idea on the type of headphone you want to purchase so you can get the best available for you.

Things to Note Before you Select a Wireless Headphone

The following should be considered before choosing a wireless headphone. They include;

  • The type of wireless headphone; the type of wireless headphone and the capability should be considered before selecting a headphone
  • Sound quality; ensure it has very great sound quality before you select them. Sound that would suit your needs.
  • Compression; the early versions of headphones reduced and compressed audio seriously, creating a harsh, digital sound. With increasing demand, there was focus on the improvement of this area in newer versions. Make sure you get one of the newer versions.
  • Battery life; wireless headphones come with their own batteries which are mostly inbuilt rechargeable batteries. It’s best to get the ones that would last for 8-12 hours so it could provide you with playback all day long. It’s best to note that battery life is dependent on the volume of music. The louder the music, the shorter the battery stays.

How to Connect your Wireless Headphone to your TV

Wireless headphones can be connected to your television by doing the following so you can enjoy watching your television privately.

Most smart TV’s are created with wires connection technology built into it. By using the on-screen display, all your Bluetooth accessories can be connected.

Locate the accessory menu for your TV and open Bluetooth options and put on pairing mode make sure you are at close proximity and turn on your headphone pairing mode as well. Majority of the time there will be a connection button that must be pressed for some seconds.

Once the pairing mode has been set up, you will locate the headphones listen on the on-screen display of your television.

Choose the headphones with your TV’s remote control to finish up the process. As soon as the headphone has been paired to the TV, when they are both turned on, they will connect to each other automatically.

Connecting your Wireless Headphone to a Television Without Wireless Capability

If your television isn’t a smart TV that contains a Bluetooth connection which is built in, you can plug in a Bluetooth transmitter. The transmitter can be plugged into the audio output port of your headphone jack on your television and connect using your Bluetooth headphones.

If you intend using your headphones and speakers for audio sounds simultaneously, you may have to plug in the transmitter into an audio jack instead of the headphone jack.

If your television has no external audio ports, you won’t be able to use it alongside a Bluetooth headphone.

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